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New Publications

A New Gospel for Women: Katharine Bushnell and the Challenge of Christian Feminism

Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Oxford University press, 2015

A work of history, biography, and historical theology, Kristin Kobes DuMez's book provides a vivid account of Bushnell's life. It maps a concise introduction to her fascinating theology, revealing, for example, Bushnell's belief that gender bias tainted both the King James and the Revised Versions of the English Bible. As Du Mez demonstrates, Bushnell insisted that God created women to be strong and independent, that Adam, not Eve, bore responsibility for the Fall, and that it was through Christ, "the great emancipator of women," that women would achieve spiritual and social redemption.

Oxford University Press


Gospel Vocalises & Warm Ups: Engaging Mind, Body & Spirit

Charsie Randolph Sawyer

Calvin College, 2015

Gospel Vocalises provides systematic warm-ups to maximize healthy vocal potential and prepare the artist for worship by engaging mind, body, and spirit. It seeks to establish valuable habits that will prevent injury, maximize potential, and prepare each singer for worship.

The devotions and prayers written by worship leaders and ministers that are included before each vocalize are an essential first step for healthy Gospel singing.

This book includes vocal pedagogy lessons and an accompanying CD.

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Between the Shadow & the Light: An Exhibition Out of South Africa

Curated by Rachel Hostetter Smith
with the assistance of Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk and Joel Zwart

Calvin College, 2014

More about Between the Shadow and the Light



An Introduction to the Medieval Bible

Frans van Liere

Cambridge University Press, 2014

The Middle Ages spanned the period between two watersheds in the history of the biblical text: Jerome's Latin translation c. 405 and Gutenberg's first printed version in 1455. The Bible was arguably the most influential book during this time, affecting spiritual and intellectual life, popular devotion, theology, political structures, art, and architecture. In an account that is sensitive to the religiously diverse world of the Middle Ages, Frans van Liere offers here an accessible introduction to the study of the Bible in this period. Discussion of the material evidence – the Bible as book – complements an in-depth examination of concepts such as lay literacy and book culture. This Introduction includes a thorough treatment of the principles of medieval hermeneutics, and a discussion of the formation of the Latin bible text and its canon. It will be a useful starting point for all those engaged in medieval and biblical studies.

Cambridge University Press

Paul Moes, Donald J. Tellinghuisen, Psychology, Christian, Exploring Psychology and Christian FaithExploring Psychology and Christian Faith:
An Introductory Guide

Paul Moes and Donald J. Tellinghuisen

Baker Academic, 2014

Drawn from more than fifty years of classroom experience, this introductory guide provides students with a coherent framework for considering psychology from a Christian perspective. The authors explore biblical themes of human nature in relation to all major areas of psychology, showing how a Christian understanding of humans can inform the study of psychology. Brief, accessible chapters correspond to standard introductory psychology textbooks, making this an excellent supplemental text. End-of-chapter questions are included.

Table of Contents

Baker Academic

Visions of Amen: The Early Life and Music of Olivier Messiaen

Hyesook Kim, Stephane Lemelin, and Stephen Schloesser

Eerdmans, 2014

French composer Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) is probably best known for his Quartet for the End of Time, premiered in a German prisoner-of-war camp in 1941. However, Messiaen was a remarkably complex, intelligent person with a sometimes tragic domestic life who composed a wide range of music. This book explores the enormous web of influences in the early part of Messiaen's long life.


Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance

Edited by Joel Carpenter, Perry L. Glanzer,
and Nicholas S. Lantinga

Eerdmans, 2014

This book offers a fresh report and interpretation of what is happening at the intersection of two great contemporary movements: the rapid growth of higher education worldwide and the rise of world Christianity. It features on-site, evaluative studies by scholars from Africa, Asia, North America, and South America.

Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance visits some of the hot spots of Christian university development, such as South Korea, Kenya, and Nigeria, and compares what is happening there to places in Canada, the United States, and Europe, where Christian higher education has a longer history. Very little research until now has examined the scope and direction of Christian higher education throughout the world, so this volume fills a real gap.


The Little Logic Book

Lee Hardy, Del Ratzsch, Rebecca K. DeYoung, and Gregory Mellema

Calvin College Press, 2013

Written by four members of the Calvin College philosophy department, The Little Logic Book is a valuable resource for teachers and undergraduate students of philosophy. In addition to providing clear introductions to the modes of reasoning students encounter in their philosophy course readings, it includes a nuanced description of common informal fallacies, a narrative overview of various philosophical accounts of scientific inference, and a concluding chapter on the ethics of argumentation.

Calvin College Press

Discipleship in the Present Tense Jame K. A. SmithDiscipleship in the Present Tense: Reflections on Faith and Culture

James K. A. Smith

Calvin College Press, 2013

In this accessible, insightful book, noted Christian scholar and award-winning author James K. A. Smith gathers together a range of his writing for popular audiences.  Working at the intersection of faith and culture, past and present, church and world, Smith offers both incisive cultural criticism and winsome articulation of a robust Christian faith in our "secular age."

Read a review from Hearts & Minds.

Calvin College Press

Truth Matters coverTruth Matters: Knowledge, Politics, Ethics, Religion

Edited by Lambert Zuidervaart, Allyson Carr, Matthew J. Klassen and Ronnie Shuker

McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013

Putting philosophers in conversation with educators, literary scholars, physicists, political theorists, and theologians, Truth Matters ranges across both analytic and continental philosophy and draws on the ideas of thinkers such as Aquinas, Balthasar, Brandom, Davidson, Dooyeweerd, Gadamer, Habermas, Kierkegaard, Plantinga, Ricoeur, and Wolterstorff.

McGill-Queen's University Press

Won Lee, Exploring the Mysteries of the BibleExploring the Mysteries of the Bible

Won Lee

Calvin College Press, 2013

Without using technical terms Exploring the Mysteries of the Bible is written in layperson’s language and attempts to bridge the gap created by the academic world. By presenting a big picture of the entire Bible, this book demonstrates the way in which the 66 books of the Bible are inter-related to present a story of God.

Calvin College Press


J H Bavinck ReaderThe J. H. Bavinck Reader

Edited by John Bolt, James D. Bratt, and Paul J. Visser

Eerdmans, 2013

Johan Herman Bavinck (1895-1964) was a prominent twentieth-century Dutch Calvinist missiologist who wrestled with the tension between religious absolutism and relativism, as many Christians do in today's pluralistic context.

The J. H. Bavinck Reader gathers together a choice selection of Bavinck's significant writings that are essential for understanding his theology of missions, his approach to world religions, and his religious psychology. His treatment of religious consciousness and Christian faith expands on the brief treatment of it in his own work The Church Between Temple and Mosque. The concluding chapters show how Bavinck's theoretical reflection on religious consciousness was rooted in his close observation during his years as a missionary in Indonesia.

Offering a constructive way forward, Bavinck affirms both the particularity of salvation in Christ and the universality of the Christian hope. A substantial introduction enhances the book with the most thorough biographical sketch of Bavinck available.


Sacred History: Uses of the Christian Past in the Renaissance WorldSacred History: Uses of the Christian Past
in the Renaissance World

Edited by Katherine van Liere, Simon Ditchfield, and Howard Louthan

Oxford University Press, 2012

This volume provides the first geographically broad, comparative survey of early modern 'sacred history', or writing on the history of the Christian Church, its leaders and saints, and its institutional and doctrinal developments, in the two centuries from c. 1450-1650. With deep medieval roots, ecclesiastical history was generally a conservative enterprise, often serving to reinforce confessional, national, regional, dynastic, or local identities. But writers of sacred history innovated in research methods and in techniques of scholarly production, especially after the advent of print. The demand for sacred history was particularly acute in the various movements for religious reform, in both Catholic and Protestant traditions.

Oxford University Press

Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the MoviesReforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies

William D. Romanowski

Oxford University Press, 2012

Hollywood and Christianity often seem to be at war. Indeed, there is a long list of movies that have attracted religious condemnation, from Gone with the Wind with its notorious "damn," to The Life of Brian and The Last Temptation of Christ. But the reality, writes William Romanowski, has been far more complicated--and remarkable.

Reviewed in The Calvin Spark (Winter 2012)

Oxford University Press

Interpretation of Scripture: TheoryInterpretation of Scripture: Theory
A Selection of Works of Hugh, Andrew, Godfrey and Richard of St Victor, and Robert of Melun

Edited by Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins

Brepols Publishers, 2012

Starting from the theory of scriptural interpretation elaborated by Hugh of St Victor, the Augustinian Canons of twelfth-century St Victor in Paris were leading theorists and practitioners of scriptural exegesis. This volume contains translations of the exegetical theories elaborated in Hugh of St Victor's (d. 1141) DidascaliconOn Sacred Scripture and its AuthorsThe Diligent Examiner, and On the Sacraments (prologues); Andrew of St Victor's (d. 1175) prologues to select commentaries; Richard of St Victor's (d. 1173) Book of Notes and Apocalypse commentary; Godfrey of St Victor's Fountain of Philosophy; Robert of Melun's Sentences; and the anonymous Speculum on the Mysteries of the Church.

Brepols Publishers