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Major Grants

2017-2018 Major Grant Awards

Please congragulate your colleagues, who have been awarded major grants from the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship for the academic year 2017-2018.

Lew Klatt (English), "Christian Poetics Summit"

Debra Buursma (Education), "Sacred Space Pedagogy Summit: Exploring Faith-shaped Renewal in Higher Education"



Academic Year 2016-2017

Stephanie Sandberg (CAS), "Stories In Blue: With an Aim to End Human Trafficking."

Academic Year 2015-2016

Christiana de Groot (Religion), "Bible and Women Translation Project."

Henry Luttikhuizen (Art History), "Christ Among Us."

Rebecca McBride (Political Science), "Teaching for Mission in an Increasingly Globalized World."

David Noe (Classics), "Westminster Assembly Divines Translation Project."

William Romanowski (Communication Arts and Sciences), "Movies and the Religious Imagination: Belief, Values, and the Power of Perspective."

Roman Williams (Sociology), "Picturing Faith, Studying Congregations."

Academic Year 2014-2015

Brian Bolt (Kinesiology), "A Declaration of Faith and Sport."

Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute for World Christianity) and Joel Zwart (Center Art Gallery), "Between the Shadow and the Light: An Art Exhibit arising from Project R5 in Africa."

Kevin Corcoran (Philosophy), "The Conscious Persons Project: Human Brains and Problems of Consciousness."

Carl Plantinga (Communications Arts and Sciences), "The Spectator Judge: Affect and Ethics in Narrative Film."

Academic Year 2013-2014

Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute for World Christianity), “A South African Seminar for Artists.”

Donald De Graaf (Off-Campus Programs) and Mwenda Ntarangwi (IAPCHE), “Internationalizing Christian Higher Education.”

Pennylyn Dykstra-Prium (Germanic & Asian Languages), “The CQ Community Building Project.” 

Jonathan Hill (Sociology) and Perry Glanzer (Baylor University), “Faith on Campus: A Conference on the Religious and Moral Lives of American Undergraduates.”

Clarence Joldersma (Education) and Lambert Zuidervaart (Institute for Christian Studies), “Truth Matters: Knowledge, Politics, Ethics, Religion.”

William Katerberg (History), “Special After All? Humanity, Religion, and Science in the History of the Universe.”

Tracy Kuperus (International Development Studies) and Amy Patterson (The University of the South), “Citizen Mobilization in Africa: A Role for Christian Organizations?”

Julie Walton (Kinesiology), “Come Back to the Table: the Christian Practice of Shared Meals.”

Academic Year 2012-2013

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung (Philosophy), "Reflections on the Vice of Sloth."

Mark Fackler (Communication Arts and Sciences), "International Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory."

Corey Roberts (German), "Expressing the Ineffable: German Pietism, the Discourse of Experience, and the Birth of Aesthetics."

William Romanowski (Communication Arts and Sciences), "American Protestants, Freedom and the Movies."

Robert Schoone-Jongen (History), "Theodore F. Koch and Religious Colonization on
the Great Plains, 1884-1930."

Ralph Stearley (Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies), "A Reformed Christian Understanding of Fossil Hominids: Evidences for Cognitive Abilities During the Middle and Upper Paleolithic Periods."

Christina Van Dyke (Philosophy), "Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on Happiness: New Translation, with Introduction and Commentary."

Eric Washington (History), "Heralding Africa's Redemption: African-American Baptists and Ethiopianism, 1815-1930."

Academic Year 2011-2012

Roy M. Anker (English): "'All Things Shining': The Religious Journey of Terrence Malick"

James D. Bratt (History): "Abraham Kuyper in Translation"

Bruce R. Berglund (History): "Cathedral and Castle in the 20th Century: The Sacred and the Secular in Central European Culture, 1900-1939"

Mandy Cano Villalobos (Art and Art History): "Voces"

Paul Moes (Psychology) and Donald J. Tellinghuisen (Psychology): "Foundations of Psychology: Biblical Portraits of Human Nature as Guiding Principles in Psychology"

Ronald A. Wells (Emeritus, History) and James D. Bratt (History): "A Reformed Witness in Modern America: An Interpretive Anthology of the Reformed Journal"

Academic Year 2010 – 2011

Marjorie Gunnoe (Psychology): "An Essay on Human Nature to Supplement the Theories Chapter in Developmental Textbooks"

Amy Patterson (Political Science) and Max Planck (Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity, Germany): "AIDS, Religion, and Social Activism in Africa"

Jamie Skillen (Geography), John Hiemstra (King’s University College), John Wood (King’s University College), Jonathan Chaplin (Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics), and Jeanne Schindler (Villanova University): "Toward a Christian Conception of the Role of Government in Creation Care"

Mike Stob (Mathematics), Jim Bradley (Emeritus), and Russell Howell (Westmont College): "Mathematics through the Eyes of Faith"

David Urban (English): "John Milton: An Annotated Bibliography, 1989-1999"

Kate van Liere (History), Simon Ditchfield (York University), and Howard Louthan (University of Florida): "Historia Sacra: Visions of Christian Origins in the Renaissance World"

Dave Warners (Biology), Gail Heffner (Provost’s Office), Randy Van Dragt (Biology): "Doing Justice to Plaster Creek"

2009 – 2010

David Warners (Biology): to support a project that will create a sustainable program of creation care for churches in North America, "Creation Care in Missions."

Joel Zwart (Director of Exhibitions) and Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art & Art History): in collaboration with Rachel Smith (Taylor University), David JP Hooker (Wheaton College), and Rondall Reynoso (Louisiana College) for a traveling exhibit that brings Asian and North American artists to the wider public, "Charis, Christianity, Contextualization and the Arts."

Timothy Steele (Music) and and Benita Wolters-Fredlund (Music): with Johann Buis (Wheaton College), Stanley C. Pelkey (Western Michigan University), James Brooks Kuykendall (Erskine College), Karen A. De Mol (Dordt College), to engage the discipline of musicology from a Christian perspective by means of conference presentations and an edited volume, "Crisis, Justice, Peace: Christian Voices in Musicology."

James Bratt (History) and John Bolt (Calvin Seminary): with Paul J. Visser (Bethlehem Kerk), to sponser, in conjunction with Calvin Theological Seminary and the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, an English-language primer on the works of J. H. Bavinck, "Johan Herman Bavinck Translation Project."

Shirley Roels (Business): to support an international conference in celebration of the formation of the World Communion of Reformed Churches that will result in a subsequent book on the issues of tradition, translation, communities, and institutional identity, "Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity."

Julie Yonker (Psychology) and Laura DeHaan (Psychology): to produce a literature review and a meta-analysis for the social sciences on the topic of religious faith among adolescents and young adults, "The State of Religious Faith in Adolescents and Young Adults." Read more about this project

2008 – 2009

Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute): in collaboration with Nick Langtinga (IAPCHE) and Perry Glanzer (Baylor University), to prepare a volume on Christian higher education around the world that includes current data on its institutional spread and thematic essays on its recent development and future prospects.

Brian Ingraffia (English): with co-editors Katherine Bassard (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Roger Lundin (Wheaton College), to prepare a critical anthology of the best essays on religion and literature from the twentieth century to the present.

Karin Maag (Meeter Center): in collaboration with Amy Burnett (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), to award international travel grants to a conference at Calvin College in April 2009 on the occasion of John Calvin's 500th birthday.

Garth Pauley (CAS): to support research on a rhetorical study of Jonathan Edwards's sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."

Katherine van Liere (History): in collaboration with Simon Ditchfield (University of York, UK) and Howard Louthan (University of Florida), to sponsor a three-day invitational colloquium at Calvin exploring "Renaissance Visions of Christian Origins" across national and confessional boundaries.

David Warners (Biology): to convene an international workshop to be held at Calvin College on "Creation Care in Missions," drawing together representatives from Christian Reformed colleges, missions, and international development agencies.

Jennifer Williams (English): to support research for a book, "Ghosts in the Machine: Modernism's Religious Other."

As a special development grant outside of its ordinary channels of support, the CCCS in cooperation with Christianity Today International and other funders that convened a 2008 consultation on Generating Capital for the Christian Mind that brought together scholars, funders, and public thought leaders in hopes of launching a new generation of initiatives in Christian scholarship. Co-conveners were James Bratt (CCCS) and Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute) from Calvin; Andy Crouch from CTI; and D. Michael Lindsay from Rice University.

2007 – 2008

Susan Felch (English) and Gary Schmidt (English): to edit two volumes of essays, written by Calvin College faculty and designed to introduce an audience of general readers to significant contemporary works of fiction that treat issues of faith.

Richard Harms (Archives), Darlene Meyering (President’s Office), and Peter Borgdorff (CRCNA): to cover all expenses for speakers at a scholarly conference in September 2007, marking the sesquicentennial of the Christian Reformed Church.

Daniel Miller (History): to support translation and critical edition of three landmark books on and from within Latin American Protestantism.

Pearl Shangkuan (Music): to cover expenses associated with performances and recording of the shorter sacred choral works of Stephen Paulus.

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung (Philosophy): to support preparation of a book, “Portraits of Vice: The Seven Capital Vices Tradition Today.”

2006 – 2007

Bruce Berglund (History): to work with Brian Porter (History, University of
Michigan) and Andreas Kossert (German Historical Institute, Warsaw) in
organizing a conference and publishing a book on "Christianity in Eastern

Albert Boerema (Education) along with Doug Bloomberg (Philosophy of Education, Institute for Christian Studies), James Jadrich (Physics/Science Education), Robert Koole (Society of Christian Schools, British Columbia), Gloria Stronks (emerita, Education & Worldwide Christian Schools), and Steve Vryhof (Adjunt, Education), to develop a sequel to an earlier CCCS book, "A Vision with a Task."

James Bratt (History) and Edouard Dommen (Economist emeritus, United Nations Development Advisory Team): technical and financial support for the publication of the book, "The Impact of John Calvin's Social and Economic Thought."

Debra Freeberg (Communication Arts & Sciences), John Steven Paul (Theater, Valparaiso University), and Michael Stauffer (Communications, Wheaton College/IL), to hold consultations leading toward a book on "Theater Practice and Pedagogy in the Christian Academy."

Richard Plantinga (Religion), Thomas Thompson (Religion), and Matthew Lundberg (Religion): project costs for co-authoring "Christian Theology for a
Contemporary World."

Christopher Smit (Communication Arts & Sciences): to fund a student research assistant for his book, "No More Fallen: A New Philosophy of Christianity and Disability."

Ralph Stearley (Geology & Geography) and Davis Young (emeritus, Geology & Geography): to produce new and expanded edition of Christianity and the Age of the Earth.

Frans van Liere (History): research travel grant related to projected book on
"The Bible in the Middle Ages: A Short Introduction."

2005 – 2006

David Koetje (Biology) and Uko Zylstra (Dean’s Office), summer stipends and travel costs to complete the book, "Place-based Agricultural Biotechnology: A Paradigm for Renewal based on Christian Environmentalism."

Arie Leegwater (Chemistry) and Matt Walhout (Physics) to support reading groups in AY05/06 and AY06/07, a summer stipend for co-directors in AY06/07, and concluding conference in the summer of 2007 dealing with the topic “Interpreting Scientists: Hermeneutics of Scientific Practice.”

Clarence Joldersma (Education) for two summer stipends (2005, 06) to complete work on the book, "Beyond Memory and Vision: Shalom’s Call and Hope for Christian Higher Education."

Marjorie Gunnoe (Psychology) and Claudia Beversluis (Dean’s Office) to supplement funds from the Calvin Institute Christian Worship that will permit Calvin to participate in a 30-year panel study of American Religion and Ethnicity.

Paul Freston (Sociology and Social Work), for anticipated project costs during the first two years of the project, “The History and Sociology of the Protestant Missions Movement.”

2004 – 2005

Bruce Berglund (History) and Brian Porter (History, Univ. of Michigan), held an international workshop at Calvin in June 2005 on "Christianity in the Nineteenth-and-Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe."

Jan Gormas (Education), Robert Koole (Education, Trinity Western University), and Steven Vryhof (Education), used summer stipends to write a peer-oriented article defining a vision of "New Dimensions for Christian High Schools."

Hyesook Kim (Music), Stéphane Lemelin (Music, University of Ottawa), and Stephen Schloesser (History, Boston College), performed pieces by French composer Olivier Messiaen's "Visions de l'Amen" in eight North American locations, including Calvin College. In Summer 2005, they reunited at Calvin College to begin work on a DVD as well as a monograph analyzing the piece's sources and meanings according to Messiaen's religious perspective. Read more.

William Romanowski (CAS), to continue work on a book investigating Protestants and the American cinema.

Steve VanderLeest (Engineering), Gayle Ermer (Engineering), and Charles Adams (Dordt College, Engineering), used summer stipends to study the concept of technology as culture-formation with a view toward defining the next generation of discussion beyond the previous CCCS project, "Responsible Technology."

Kurt Verbeek (Sociology), Mark Ritchie (Director, International Sustainable Development Studies Institute), Jo Ann Van Engen (Instructor, Semester in Honduras), and Anja Buwalda (CRWRC), have been surveying and analyzing the impacts of short-term missions upon clients and providers across sites on three different continents.

2003 – 2004

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung (Philosophy), Christina Van Dyke (Philosophy), and Colleen McCluskey (Philosophy, St. Louis University) are working on a book about "Aquinas's Ethics: Metaphysical Foundations, Action Theory, and Ethical Theory."

David Koetje (Biology) and Uko Zylstra (Biology) are working on a book treating "Biotechnology as Restoration: A Christian Framework for Critical Engagement in Agbiotech."

Dean Ward (English) led a team of ten Calvin College faculty, nine students, and three alumni in preparing a cross curricular reader for writing programs designed to prepare students to be Christian citizens actively engaged in public discourse.