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Exploring Psychology and Christian Faith

Paul Moes, Donald J. Tellinghuisen, Psychology, Christian, Exploring Psychology and Christian FaithExploring Psychology and Christian Faith:
An Introductory Guide

Paul Moes and Donald J. Tellinghuisen
Baker Academic, 2014

Table of Contents

Five Themes of a Biblical View of Human Nature
Introduction: Why Did I Do That?
1. Who Am I? Themes of Human Nature
2. Test Time! Research Methodology
3. "Bodies Revealed": Brain and Behavior 1
4. The Ghost in the Machine: Brain and Behavior 2
5. Who Is in Control: Consciousness
6. Making Sense of Your Surroundings: Sensation, Perception, and Attention
7. Change from the Heart: Learning
8. Remember Me? Memory
9. Think about It! Thinking--Decision Making and Reasoning
10. Moving toward a Goal: Developmental Psychology
11. Trust Your Feelings! Emotion
12. We're in This Together! Social Psychology 1
13. Faithful Attitude and Action: Social Psychology 2
14. The Real You! Personality
15. In Search of Normality: Psychological Disorders
16. "Meaningful" Healing: Therapy

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