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CCCS Scholarship BannerPublications

Over the years the support of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship has enabled scholars to produce some ninety-one books, several of which have gone into second editions. View the CCCS bibliography »

Major Grants

The Calvin Center is now seeking partners in funding and research expertise to help harvest the great potential that Calvin scholars offer via their networks around the country and around the world, as well as in their own right. While CCCS projects must have a Calvin faculty member as principal investigator, the Center has the liberty, the experience, and the commitment to bring together believers from many institutions to work on issues of common concern from a shared body of Christian insight. Current CCCS Projects

Working Groups

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship funds several Working Groups each academic year. Each Calvin Center Working Group is composed of 8-15 participants, from a variety of academic disciplines or professional fields, who meet monthly to discuss common reading and to explore from interdisciplinary perspectives a particular issue, problem, or topic. More about Working Groups