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The Best of the Reformed Journal

"[The Best of the Reformed Journal] provides a record of an intriguing interaction between Reformed thinkers and developments in American life from the start to the end of the Cold War, from the retreat of Modernism to an early peak of postmodernism, from the last phase of Christian America to the global explosion of non-Western Christianity. We think it important to make the Journal's voice more accessible both for the record and as a resource that others might emulate in their own way in today's radically altered media environment. It is particularly useful, at a moment when Calvinists are said to be on the rise in American Protestantism, to show some broader dimensions of what that tradition can supply by way of theology, social and cultural commentary, and political reflection." 

Edited by James D. Bratt and Ronald A. Wells
Published by Eerdmans, 2011

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