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CCCS Research Fellows

CCCS Research Fellow for 2016-2017

Patrick OwensThe Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Patrick M. Owens as a CCCS Research Fellow for 2016-2017. Dr. Owens will be assisting Dr. David Noe (Calvin College) and Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn (Reformed Theological Seminary) who received a Major Grant in 2015 for the Westminster Assembly Divines Translation Project.

The three younger scholars are translating and annotating select works of five theologians from the Westminster Assembly (16431653): John Arrowsmith, Oliver Bowles, Thomas Gataker, Samuel Rutherford, and Anthony Tuckney. Each of these men, in some respect, represents the apogee of theological and humanistic learning for their time, though the reputation and influence of each have varied considerably. The four younger were key players in the development of doctrine in the mid-seventeenth century, and Oliver Bowles was the acknowledged father of the Westminster assembly until his sudden decline and death in the autumn of 1643. Because the authors have been viewed primarily from the perspective of their English pastoral writings and not the full range and depth of their theological and biblical learning, the lack of access to these key works has impoverished Puritan and post-Reformation studies. This series will begin to rectify that lack.

The project has attracted further funding in the form of grants from The Hunter and Laura Powell Charitable Fund and from Reformed Theological Seminary.