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How to Apply for the Writing Co-op Week

The deadline for submission is April 15 @ 5:00 pm

Participants will be informed of their acceptance by May 1. For questions, please contact the director of the CCCS, Professor Susan Felch, well in advance of the deadline.

Department Chair Endorsement Form

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the online chair endorsement form is submitted by his or her department chair (or, in special circumstances, the academic dean) by April 15.

200-300 word Project Description in PDF Format

The project description should include the following:

    1. description of the project
    2. proposed publication venue
    3. proposed completion date
    4. current word-count and projected final word-count for the project
    5. proposed daily writing goals (assessed in terms of word-counts, revisions, or any other reasonable metrics)

2-10 First Fruit Pages

Upload up to 10 pages of writing that represents the first fruits of your project. This may be as sketchy as a narrative outline or as developed as a complete draft.

Curriculum Vita

Upload a 2 page CV that highlights conference presentations and publications.

Online Application

Complete the online application by 5:00 pm on April 15.

Concluding Report and Responsibilities

Each Writing Co-op Recipient must complete a 200-400 word report at the conclusion of the funding period in order to receive the stipend. All products that result from the CCCS Writing Co-op should acknowledge the support of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship for the project.