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Apply - Working Groups

Proposal Information for Working Groups

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship funds several Working Groups each academic year. Each Calvin Center Working Group is composed of 8-15 participants, from a variety of academic disciplines or professional fields, who meet monthly for one year to discuss common readings and to explore from interdisciplinary perspectives a particular issue, problem, or topic. Working Groups may also provide impetus for Major Grant proposals in subsequent years.

Applications should include the names of those committed to the Working Group, but all funded Working Groups must also issue a general invitation to Calvin faculty to apply for participation in the group.

If a Working Group would benefit from inviting an outside expert to meet with participants for a short workshop, that expense may be added to the total budget. The workshop may be opened to other colleagues at the discretion of the Working Group.

The Governing Board anticipates developing and funding Working Groups in the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and in professional fields.

How to apply for a Working Group

step 1
The deadline for submission of a Working Group proposal is April 15. Funds will be available beginning July 1. Faculty intending to apply for a grant should speak with the director of the CCCS, Professor Susan Felch, before submitting an application and no later than April 5.

step 2
The CCCS funds Working Groups up to $3,000. Budget items may include refreshments for monthly meetings, periodic meals together, and the cost of books or printed materials. Working Groups that include a workshop with an outside expert may request a budget up to $5,000. The budget must be in PDF format for the online application.

Step 3
Submit an online application by April 15. Please note that the budget and the proposed reading list must be submitted in separate PDF documents.

step 4
In special cases, a Working Group may conduct preliminary research (such as collecting survey data) that involves human subjects. In such cases, permission must be granted by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is mandated by governmental agencies to review and approve research with human subjects using one of the following processes:

  • Provide an exemption
  • Conduct an expedited review approval, or
  • Approve the project after full review

As a small board that meets regularly, the IRB is committed to facilitate the advancement of faculty research programs as quickly and easily as possible. Applicants must have applied for IRB approval by April 15 and must certify IRB approval before receiving CCCS monies. Please consult the IRB website for further instructions if your research involves human subjects.

step 5

Each funded Working Group must provide a complete list of participants and scheduled meetings no later than September 1 and must complete a report at the conclusion of the funding period. Working Groups are encouraged to consider ways to disseminate the fruit of their discussions, including hosting a panel discussion; offering a teaching and learning workshop for Calvin faculty; or the like. Additional funds may be requested from the CCCS Director to support such endeavors.

step 6

A $300 stipend is available for completing an annotated bibliography of the major readings and a 3-5 page narrative that summarizes the discussion and conclusions of the working group. The bibliography and narrative will be posted on the CCCS website.  


Important Dates

  • WG application deadline: April 15 @ 5 PM
  • WG participant list & schedule: Sept 1
  • Contact Dale Williams, the Program Coordinator, for more information.