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Online Application for CCCS Working Groups

This online application DOES NOT allow you to save a completed version of the application to your desktop.

General Information
First Name
Last Name
Email address
Name of Co-Leader (if applicable)
Committed Participants (e.g., Herman Ridderbos, Religion; Albert Einstein, Physics; etc.)
Total Budget Request
Expanded Description
Expanded Description, including relation to the purposes and goals of the CCCS (500 words)  
Interdisciplinary Nature of the Project
Interdisciplinary nature of the project: which disciplines might reasonably participate and how might each discipline contribute?
Significance and Potential Impact
What will be the significance and potential impact of the proposed Working Group both for its members and for the Calvin faculty at large?
Timeline for the working group.
Reading List

Upload Proposed Reading List as a .PDF FORMATTED DOCUMENT only.


Upload Budget as a .PDF FORMATTED DOCUMENT only.

Additional Information
Explain any efforts to obtain outside funding and/or additional comments pertaining to this application.
Submit Application

By submitting this application, I certify that the information given above is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation.


If you need to correct errors or update your application before the deadline, you may resubmit and your earlier version will be deleted.

Application Deadline

  • April 15 at 5 PM
  • Contact Dale Williams, the Program Coordinator, for more information.