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Apply - Small Grants

Proposal Information for Small Grants

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship offers Small Grants to encourage the initiation, continuation, and completion of scholarly projects related to the mission of the Center. Faculty are invited to apply for grants of up to $5000. The deadline for submission of the Small Grants proposals is March 27; funds will be available beginning July 1. Faculty intending to apply for a grant should speak with the director of CCCS before submitting an application and no later than March 10.

Initial Projects

Proposals for beginning or exploring a new scholarly project must be cross-disciplinary and must involve at least two faculty members (at least one of whom must be from Calvin College). Costs might include, for example, expenses for one or more meetings, small honoraria, purchase of materials, presentation at a conference, or consultation with a visiting scholar. “Cross-disciplinary” may be interpreted to mean either varied methodologies or sub-disciplines within a single academic field (say history or biology) or conversations across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Initial projects should result in a modest product, such as a white paper summarizing the findings of the participants, a review essay of relevant materials, a proposal for an internal or external major grant, or the like.

Intermediate or Continuing Projects

Proposals for the continuation of a scholarly project may come from an individual or from a group and may include requests for costs of a research trip, consultation with others in the field, small honoraria, purchase of materials, hiring of a student research assistant, and the like. Members of an existing or former CCCS Working Group may propose writing an article or a substantial review essay of the books discussed in their group, as a way of furthering their work together.

Concluding Projects 

Proposals for completing a project may come from an individual or from a group and must include verification of an imminent publication date. Funds may be requested for a book subvention, editorial assistance, indexing, or other costs associated with publication.

Additional Information

Course releases or summer stipends may not be requested for any of the smaller grants. All proposals should speak to the ways in which they engage the Center’s aim of promoting “intentional Christian scholarship,” defined as research and reflection that deliberately bring the resources of the Christian faith to bear upon a subject, whether by scrutinizing the fundamental premises of a theory or a field; by elaborating the ethical consequences of social structures, research methods, or ways of thought; by creating imaginative or artistic works; or by helping Christians understand their world better through the critical appropriation of new work being done in the academy.

Additional information on the mission of the Center may be found at:

The deadline for submission of the Small Grants proposals is March 27; funds will be available beginning July 1.

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