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Scholarly Vision

The Center exists to coordinate and provide leadership for the project of advancing and improving intentional Christian scholarship at Calvin College. Its purpose is to promote rigorous, creative, and articulate scholarship that addresses important theoretical and practical issues. To achieve this purpose, the Center provides one type of grant to apply for in the fall, Major Grants.

Major Grants

In each academic year the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship awards grants to a variable number of Scholars drawn from both within and from outside the Calvin College faculty. Scholars from outside the Calvin College faculty must apply as part of a team. Teams of Scholars shall have at least one member of the Calvin College faculty. The coordinator of such a team shall be a member of the Calvin College faculty. Apply for a Major Grant

The Writing Nook

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, in cooperation with the Hekman Library, the Provost’s Office, and other Centers and Institutes, offers the Writing Nook as a way to create space and time for faculty to concentrate on their writing. Learn more about the Writing Nook.