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Our Mission - Accessibility Statements

The College Affirms its goal of achieving a diverse community by declaring:

. . . the nature of the church and the nature of education require that the college serve an increasingly diverse student body.

. . . the college also seeks to serve students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, from a range of intellectual abilities, and those with disabilities that do not prevent them from the task of learning. Not only does this honor our commitment to being a diverse community it also recognizes the diverse educational needs that the body of Christ must meet and the diverse ways in which leadership in society occurs. Our academic programs should enable people with different intellectual abilities, socioeconomic background, and gifts to prepare for positions of leadership and lives of service.

An Expanded Statement of the Mission of Calvin College: Vision, Purpose, Commitment, p.18, and 19

Building on these College mission statements, the mission of the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities is to:

. . . ensure that (1) otherwise qualified students are able to benefit from a distinctively Christian education based on the liberal arts, and (2) the Calvin community responds appropriately in a way that avoids handicapping the student with a disability.