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Free Media and Production Software

Software Sources & Reviews:

Appappeal is a website which reviews and provides links to free web-applications. It reviews about 2,000 applications which are divided into 100 categories.This site is a GOLD MINE!

Google is another source of great, free applications, including online word processing, calendaring, and storage.

NCH offers many free programs for creating, editing, converting & streaming video, audio, and graphics. Windows, Mac & Linux.

Free Media: Images, Audio & Video

Free photos from:

some Flickr photos are free to share under Creative Commons terms.

Free music from:

Creative Commons Legal Music for Videos

How to Find Free Music for Videos

Find lots of clips and complete tv programs & movies:

Creation and/or Presentation Tools:

AVer+ is interactive whiteboard software which lets you draw, highlight, type text, insert video, audio, weblinks, images and more. You can display and save video from a document camera or video file, capture a still image, write/illustrate on the image, etc. It also includes OCR (optical character recognition) so you can convert text displayed by a camera into text which you can edit and save. Windows & Mac.

Prezi is innovative visual presentation software. Create a big poster of your text and images, and which shows the relationship of your ideas to each other, then zoom in on it as needed. It is easy to make and to use. Runs in a web-browser, so works on any computer or iPad. \

Glogster lets you create multimedia posters on your computer. The free version has limited features. The subscription version can use text, graphics, animation, audio, video, etc. as interactive elements on your poster. Uses a drag-n-drop interface, so is easy and intuitive.

Pixton click-n-drag comics is an easy way to make cartoons and comics. You modify their characters- resize, reposition, recolor, etc. Very flexible. Then post to Facebook, download, email, embed, etc. Runs on a webpage, so nothing to install.

Use BrainShark to create and modify presentations which can include Powerpoint, images, video and audio/narration. BrainShark puts it onto a webpage so you can distribute only the URL or embed it into your webpage.

Presentme is an easy way to make "2-screen" presentations. The right half of the screen is video of you talking about your topic. The left side of the screen is your PowerPoint slides, PDFs, photos, etc.

Xtranormal is an easy way to make animated movies. (Not free, but pretty cheap, and really easy).

CreateSpace is a company which will publish and distribute your original book, Audio-CD, or DVD, then send you a royalty.

Create your own games!
If you don't know which program to use, try Panda3D (Win/Mac/Linux) or EasyWay Game Engine (Win/Mac/Linux).

Gliffy provides simple CAD tools so you draw floorplans, flowcharts, diagrams, etc.

SketchUp (from Google) provides more CAD features.

File Viewer/Player/Reader

FreeFileViewer opens/views/plays many file formats, including audio, video, MS Word, spreadsheet, pdf, Photoshop, Flash, dvd/VOB, etc. Win only.

Players/Editors/Converters: Audio

VUPlayer is a great, little mp3/wav/audio-cd player. Win only.

VLC will play many formats of video and audio, including PAL dvd's with region codes. It can even grab a still-frame from the video. Windows, Mac & Linux.

Audacity is a good audio editor which can open and convert: wav, mp3 & aiff (but not wma). Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Sphinx-4 is free speech recognition software. It tries to convert sound into text.

Editors/Converters: Photo & PDF

If you want basic photo editing with a simpler tool, try:
Picasa for Windows, or Kodak EasyShare for Win/Mac/Unix,
or try Pixenate, which doesn't require a download. Just use it online.

Turn your photos into pencil drawings or paintings with FotoSketcher. Windows only.

Gimp has many powerful PhotoShop-like image-editing features.
Gimp for Windows -- Gimp for Macintosh -- Gimp for Linux

Recover deleted photos from memory cards with EaseUS Data Recovery software. Windows
CardRecoveryPro does a better job, but costs $9.98. Windows

Modify Acrobat PDF documents with PDFTK Builder. It will re-order, delete, & duplicate pages from a pdf file, split a pdf, combine multiple pdf's into a single one, add a watermark, rotate pages, and even password-protect it from further changes. Windows only.

PDFEscape is onother great pdf tool. Use it to read & edit pdf documents and forms. Web-based, so use it with your browser. No install.

Players/Editors/Converts: Video

VLC will play many formats of video and audio, including PAL dvd's with region codes. It can even grab a still-frame from the video. Windows, Mac & Linux.

VideoSpin video editor: edit, add transitions, titles, audio & sound effects, save as a file, upload to YouTube, etc. It even imports .mod files from camcorders with harddrives (which MovieMaker does not). Windows only (Macs use iMovie).

Video Download Helper installs into the FireFox web browser, downloads video (including Flash/YouTube), and converts it to almost any format. Specify the format you want in the Conversion section of Preferences.

Format Factory converts video, audio, and graphics files to different formats; rips CD and DVD; trim & join video files. Windows only.

DVDStyler authors dvd in Windows & Mac. Good menu creation options. A bit complicated.

TinyBurn is free dvd burning software. Burn, Copy, Rip, Erase, & Convert DVD, CD, & ISO.

Overstream lets you add subtitles to video on streaming sites, such as YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, Veoh,, and

Amara also makes it easy to subtitle web video.

Videoconference & Webinar:

Skype is a desktop audio and videoconferencing tool. Includes screen-sharing, file downloads and text messaging with participants. Requires installation of software. Windows, Mac, & Linux. is high-quality videoconferencing with up to 25 participants. A free account gives you 40-minute meetings and a $9.95 account gives you unlimited length conferences. Web-based.

Vyew desktop videoconferencing for 5 simultaneous video users. Videoconference, audioconference, comment, share whiteboard, embed text or audio comments onto presentations, include mp3 & YouTube videos, etc. Imports many types of documents. Customize the interface; embed into your page. Runs in a web browser, so nothing more to install. Quick & easy setup. Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Use Watchitoo for webinar and online instruction. Good for allowing interaction among participants. Free version allows up to 5 live video participants.

Setup and operate your own internet tv channel with LiveStream or Ustream.

Flip the Classroom Resources

10 products to help flip the classroom.

Group Scheduling & Surveys:

Doodle helps schedule an event or make a decision/take a poll with many people. Easy and connects to Google Calendar.

Use Response-o-matic to create user response forms which you incorporate into your own website. User-response options include: check-box multiple-choices, single-choice from a list, Yes/No, single-line answer, multiple-line answer, upload a file.

Use SurveyMonkey to create, administer, evaluate, etc. online surveys. More features and complexity than Response-o-matic.

Need Clickers? Collect real-time audience responses from their cell phones with Poll Everywhere. Free for up to 30 responders.


Ditto puts whatever you copy/ctrl-c with your cursor into a clipboard which will hold many items. It is like having many clipboards. You can copy several items from one document or webpage, then paste them into another. You can also look for something you copied last week and paste it now. Windows only.

Picpick gives you many options for grabbing screenshots, such as: entire screen, select part of the screen, select all items in a scrolling box, etc. It puts your grabbed image into a paint program for further editing and into your clipboard for pasting. Windows only.

Projection Distance Calculator will determine image size or projection distance for your projector.

ADrive's free "Basic" service provides 50 GB of storage, with 2 GB size limits, plus extra features such as the ability to share files with anyone by creating a Web link to the content. You can have more storage for a monthly fee.

Send & receive large files (1GB) with


Transfer film, video, photos, slides to dvd at digmypics or iMemories.

15 Sites for Learning how to Program or Code


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