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AV Resources

How-to guides

Monitor & Projector Setup Charts

Viewing Distance, Screen Size, and Image Resolution Chart
(or, when does it matter if I show HD?)

USB Illustrated Summary

A Brief Guide to Microphones & Microphone Placement

Will Wireless Mics Work After TV Broadcasts Go Digital?

Tips from Kodak: How to Take Better Pictures

Digital Video Camcorder Setup and Tips

How to Clean a Drymark Board (pdf)

Digital cameraReviews

Video editing software reviews

Too much info about calibrating projectors and flat panels

Video Projector Reviews:

Consumer Electronics Reviews by c/net
TV, Projector, Camcorder, Camera, Cell phone, mp3 players, etc.

Digital Video Camcorder and Still Camera Reviews: ZDNet

Digital Still Camera Reviews:

BatteryHow It Works

Digital Video Signals and Encryption: DVI, HDMI, & HDCP (pdf, 5 pages)

New Technology Batteries Guide (pdf, 64 pages)
Information on batteries, rechargable batteries, and chargers.

Battery University
A website with more info on batteries, rechargable batteries, and chargers than you want to read.

How CD & DVD Works (pdf, 34 pages)
An illustrated overview.

Recordable DVD Technology
This website provides a more technical explanation of how the dvd recordable technologies work, including duplication, verification, copy protection, and longevity. Also available as 54 page pdf download.