The ability to communicate effectively is a marketable skill in today's world.  The strategic communication program aims to graduate articulate Christians who can critique and create effective messages for specific audiences and situations.  Choose a professional communication track or rhetoric track depending on your vocational goals.

  • get training and experience in the core rhetorical faculties and skills, then choose a track and specialize your courses
  • the professional communication track prepares students for jobs in advertising, public relations, fund raising and events planning
  • the rhetoric track trains to student for jobs in communication consulting, law, politics, ministry and academia

Careers in Strategic Communication

  • communication consultant
  • lawyer
  • politician
  • minister
  • counselor
  • More

See job placement rates for Calvin grads.

Student involvement

Chimes; Calvin Public Relations organization; Worship Apprentice program.

Course Requirements 2013-14

Strategic Communication major

(33-38 semester hours)

Courses from one track

Professional Track (34-38 semester hours)

  • One from:
    • CAS-180 Communicating with Digital Media
    • CAS-190 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
    • CAS-222 Calvin Media Company
  • ENGL-262 Business Writing
  • CAS-285 Advertising and Public Relations
  • Two from:
    • CAS-249 Digital Audio Production
    • CAS-290 Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
    • CAS-351 Advanced Digital Filmmaking
    • CS-100 Creating interactive Web Media
    • ENGL-365 Writing in Digital Environments
  • One from:
    • CAS 300-level elective
    • CAS-346 Internship in Communication
    • or approved elective
  • One from:
    • CAS-399 Senior Seminar
    • CAS-352 Communication Ethics

Rhetoric Track (33-37 semester hours)

  • CAS-205 American Voices
  • CAS-211 Argumentation and Advocacy
  • Two from:
    • CAS-240 Group Communication
    • CAS-260 Interpersonal Communication
    • CAS-270 Communication and Gender
    • CAS-318 American politics and Mass Media
  • CAS-399 Senior Seminar
  • Three from:
    • CAS 300-level electives
    • CAS-346 Internship in Communication
    • or approved alternative

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Dollar amounts reflect awards given for the 2014-15 academic year.

CAS Department Mentoring Scholarship
  • award amount: $1,800
  • first-year
  • HS GPA of 3.0+
  • financial need not required; demonstrate leadership potential for the communication industry
  • apply through the communication arts and sciences department by February 1
David J. Holquist Scholarship
  • award amount: $1,800
  • junior or senior
  • GPA of 3.0+
  • financial need not required; preference to those working with victims of injustice/personal tragedy
  • apply through the communication arts and sciences department
William and Matilda Monsma Scholarship
  • award amount: $2,500
  • sophomore, junior, or senior
  • GPA 3.0+
  • financial need required; preference to students from the South Chicago area
  • apply through the Calvin Portal
Ann Janssen Noteboom Scholarship
Kenneth and Phyllis Timmer Family Scholarship
  • award amount: $2,600
  • junior
  • GPA 2.5+
  • financial need considered; Michigan resident
  • automatic consideration
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Phil de Haan

Phil de Haan
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Kathi Groenendyk

Kathi Groenendyk
Professor, chair
Department of Communication Arts & Sciences
DC 250A
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Garth Pauley

Garth Pauley
Department of Communication Arts & Sciences
DCC 273C
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Stacey Wieland

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Kathi Groenendyk Kathi Groenendyk
Department Chair
Department of Communication Arts & Sciences
DC 250A
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