Prepare to enter the sport industry through an interdisciplinary program that includes courses in kinesiology, sport psychology and sociology, business and leadership. This liberal arts approach to sport management will give you the tools you need to be a transformative figure in a growing part of North American culture. Gain practical skills in athletic conditioning, coaching and marketing while developing an approach to sport that actively wrestles with questions of competition, economic development, violence and racism through the lens of Christian faith. 

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21 varsity athletic teams, intramurals and student clubs like crew, hockey and ultimate Frisbee

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Semester-long psychology courses

Course Requirements 2013-14

Kinesiology major - sport management emphasis

(27-30 semester hours)

  • KIN-201 Introduction to Kinesiology
  • KIN-214 Applied Kinesiology
  • KIN-218 Administration of Athletics
  • KIN-243 Sport Psychology
  • Two 200-level kinesiology courses
  • KIN-315 Sociology of Sport
  • KIN-320 Sports Marketing and Public Relations
  • KIN-332 Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport
  • KIN-346 Field Internship
  • RECR-305 Program Planning and Development

Cognate (4 semster hours)

  • One course from:
    • BIOL-115 Human Biology
    • BIOL-141 Cell Biology and Genetics for the Health Sciences

Required business minor

(23 semester hours)

  • BUS-160 Business Foundations
  • BUS-203 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ECON-221 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON-222 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • BUS-380 Marketing
  • One 300-level business elective

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Daniel Gelderloos

Daniel Gelderloos
Assistant Professor
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach
Department of Kinesiology
VAC 122
(616) 526-6703

Nancy Meyer

Nancy Meyer
Professor, Women's Athletic Director
Department of Kinesiology
(616) 526-6224

John Ross

John Ross
Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology
SFC 242
(616) 526-8866

John Sparks

John Sparks
Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology
SFC 249
(616) 526-7618

James Timmer

James Timmer
Professor, Men's Athletic Director
Department of Kinesiology
SFC 217
(616) 526-6037

Julie Walton

Julie Walton
Professor, sabbatical fall
Department of Kinesiology

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James Timmer James Timmer
Program Director
Department of Kinesiology
SFC 217
(616) 526-6037


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