Awareness of gender issues is crucial for many occupations and careers (such as law, management, medicine, etc.). It is also crucial as Christians actively work toward reconciliation between genders. A gender studies minor will prepare you to deal with the complexities of gender concerns in the contemporary world.


The gender studies minor is a flexible interdisciplinary program that consists of five courses taken from at least four different departments, plus a capstone course. Courses can be taken in areas such as communications, literature, political science, sociology, philosophy and religion.

Careers in Gender Studies

  • Lawyer
  • Social Worker
  • Minister
  • Professor
  • Journalist
  • Writer

See job placement rates for Calvin grads.

Student involvement

Join the Social Justice Coalition; attend events offered by the gender studies program or the Sexuality Series.

Course Requirements 2013-14

Gender Studies minor

(18 semester hours)

  • IDIS-394 Gender Studies Capstone
  • Three courses drawn from regularly offered gender-focused courses
  • Two additional gender-focused courses or two gender-cognate courses

Gender-focused courses

  • Three from the following:
    • CAS-270 Communication and Gender
    • ENGL-234 Gender and Literature
    • FREN-374 Women and Gender in French Literature and Culture
    • GERM-372 Outside Voices: German Culture from the Margins
    • HIST-256 Women and Gender in U.S. History
    • HIST-268 Women and Gender in European History
    • PHIL-211 Philosophy of Gender
    • POLS-312 Men, Women, and the Law
    • PSYC-222 Human Sexuality and Gender
    • SOC-250 Diversity and Inequality in the United States
    • Approved gender-focused interim

Gender-cognate courses

  • Two from the following:
    • Any special topics, gender centered courses, such as: REL-313 When Women Read the Old Testament, SOC-304 The Family, SOC-316 Social Gerontology, an approved interim, or a negotiated gender-cognate course.

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