Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Map)
  • Dates: Spring, 2015
  • Class requirement: Sophomore
  • GPA requirement: 2.5
  • Prerequisite courses:

Don't just study Latin American culture—immerse yourself in it. In this semester program, you'll improve your language skills while also learning about the challenges facing one of the western hemisphere's poorest countries.

The ultimate immersion experience: live with a Honduran family, study the Honduran language and culture at a Honduran university and hang out with Honduran students. If you are hoping to deepen your understanding of the Spanish language and culture, Calvin’s Spanish language program in Honduras is probably for you. And while you’re studying the language and culture of Honduras, one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere, you’ll also learn more about poverty and development—and how your life is linked to those issues. Your time in Honduras is sure to bring you up close with an impossibly friendly group of people—be sure to accept every cup of coffee you're offered!

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Santa Lucia is located in southern Honduras and is surrounded by a chain of mountains, with the Choluteca River splitting the city from north to south.

Approx. 1.25 million
Things to do

Extended trips to Mayan sites, tropical rainforests, colonial cities and other sites in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala are part of this semester.

Honduras is in a tropical climate zone, but because of altitude, it has characteristics of a more moderate climate, with average temperatures ranging from 66° to 74° Fahrenheit. It is coolest in December and January, warmest and driest in March and April and wettest during the hurricane season from June to November.
Tegucigalpa was founded as a Spanish settlement on September 29, 1578. It became the permanent capital of Honduras in 1880. Originally known for its silver and gold mining industries, Tegucigalpa gets its name from the phrase “silver mountain” in the ancient Nahuatl language.


You must have taken Spanish 301 at Calvin before participating in the Spanish Semester in Honduras.

All courses are taught in Spanish. You must enroll in SPHO 205 and SPHO 315, then choose among the remaining courses for a total of 12-16 hours during the semester.


You will live with a Honduran family in Santa Lucia, a beautiful town in the mountains 20 minutes outside of Tegucigalpa.


You must have at least a 2.5 grade point average and sophomore status to study in Honduras. Because the semester is an advanced Spanish studies program, you must have completed at least Spanish 301 at Calvin.


The final program cost is based on many factors and is not known exactly until the number of students in the group has been identified. The financial information page covers the details that go into the cost of the program and rough estimates for each. More specific cost information will be sent with your acceptance letter. The price for the Honduras semester will include:

  • Tuition
  • Round-trip air transportation Grand Rapids/Tegucigalpa
  • Full room and board with Honduran families
  • Administrative fee
  • Program excursions in Honduras, Guatemala & Nicaragua

Additional expenses not included in the program fee: passport, books, immunizations and medical insurance (required), independent travel and spending money.


Submit an application (link above) to the Off-Campus Programs Office.

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