Interim 2016 Courses

Take a look at the courses offered by the Spanish Department for Interim 2016.

Courses in Off-Campus Programs

Explore the courses offered in our semester programs abroad in Honduras, Peru, and Spain (advanced, core),

2014-15 Catalog courses

The courses listed here are those published in Calvin College's current academic catalog. Not all courses are offered in the current year.

SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish 4
SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II 4
SPAN-121 Introductory Spanish 4
SPAN-122 Intermediate Spanish 3
SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish 4
SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II 4
SPAN-203 Advanced Intermediate Spanish 4
SPAN-301 Advanced Grammar, Comp, & Conversation I 3
SPAN-302 Advanced Grammar, Comp, & Convers II 3
SPAN-306 Spanish History Discussion 1
SPAN-308 Hispanic World I 3
SPAN-309 Introduction to the Hispanic World II 3
SPAN-310 Hispanic Culture in the U.S. 3
SPAN-320 Business Spanish 3
SPAN-340 Spanish Phonology 3
SPAN-341 Adv Spanish Syntax & Sociolinguistics 3
SPAN-356 Foreign Lang Educ in Elem Schl 3
SPAN-358 Aiding in the Foreign Lang Cls 3
SPAN-361 Latn Amer Lit: Colonial 3
SPAN-362 Latn Amer Lit: Pre-Mod to 1945 3
SPAN-363 Contemporary Latin Amer. Lit 3
SPAN-366 Span Lit- Mid Ages Thru Renais 3
SPAN-367 Spanish Lit of the Golden Age 3
SPAN-368 Spanish Lit: 18th C to Present 3
SPAN-370 Advanced Cultural Topics 3
SPAN-390 Independent Study 1
SPAN-395 Word & World 3
SPAN-590 Graduate Independent Study 1
SPAN-W83 Spanish Interim 3
STSP-102 Stdy in Spain - Elem Spanish 4
STSP-151 Introductory Spanish 4
STSP-152 Elementary Spanish 4
STSP-202 Stdy in Spain - Intermed Span 4
STSP-203 Advanced Intermediate Spanish 4
STSP-302 Stdy in Spain - Adv Conversation 3
STSP-312 Regions of Spain 3
STPE-314 Orientation to Peru & Arequipa 2
STPE-315 Engaging Peruvian Culture 3