This 21-hour minor combines courses from Spanish, English, Education, and Interdisciplinary Studies to equip students for education in Spanish and English. This minor must be combined with a Spanish major.

Course Requirements 2014-2015

(21 semester hours)

  • SPAN-310 Hispanic Culture in the United States
  • SPAN-340 Spanish Phonology
  • SPAN-372 Introduction to the Hispanic World I
  • SPAN-309 Introduction to the Hispanic World ll
  • SPAN-340 Spanish Phonology and Dialectology
  • SPAN-370 Advanced Cultural Topics
  • ENGL-372 Sociolinguistics and Issues in Language Education
  • ENGL-375 Grammar for Teachers of ESL
  • IDIS-205 Societal Structures and Education as a Social Enterprise
  • IDIS-301 Introduction to Bilingual and ESL Education
  • EDUC-303 Curriculum and Instruction: Practicum

* The Bilingual Education minor must be combined with the Spanish major, and IDIS-301 should be taken concurrently with EDUC-303

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  • You must complete English 101 with a minimum grade of C.
  • You must pass one course from CAS 101, 200, or 214.

You must pass the oral proficiency exam, as well as the grammar and composition exams.


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