As a veterinarian, you'll provide routine care for domestic or farm animals and ensure their well-being.

Related classes at Calvin

Comparative Animal and Human Physiology, Animal Behavior, Vertebrate Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry

Education after Calvin

Complete your degree and go on to attend a school of veterinary medicine for four years.

Veterinary schools

Calvin grads have attended excellent veterinary schools like Michigan State University and Kansas State University.

Course Requirements 2014-2015

Requirements include 2 courses in general biology

You must also take CHEM-103 and CHEM-104, and CHEM-261 and CHEM-262, CHEM-303 or CHEM-323, PHYS-221 and PHYS-222, and one math course (e.g., MATH-110, MATH-132 or MATH-171). Some schools may have other specific requirements, so check with the pre-veterinary advisor if you have questions. You may also refer to the timeline for a more detailed, semester breakdown of requirements.

Learn more about the field of veterinary medicine at the American Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) ».

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