The political science program sends students to a wide variety of high-profile internships. All political science and international relations majors are strongly encouraged to consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

While the internship experience is invaluable as a means of professional networking and career advancement, at Calvin it is also designed to help you reflect on vocation—on your calling to serve God through public service.

You can intern in a variety of national, state, and local executive and legislative offices, government agencies, political campaigns, party and interest group organizations, think tanks, judicial agencies, non-profits, and law firms. International relations students may also consider internships in international business or non-government organizations (NGOs), perhaps coinciding with a study abroad experience.

There are several ways to gain hands-on experience in jobs related to political science:

Recent internships

  • World Renew
  • Ottawa County Administrator
  • Kent County Republican Party
  • Bethany Christian Services
  • U.S. State Department
  • CNN
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • National Democratic Party.
  • Kent County Land Bank Authority
  • Rep. Justin Amash district office
  • Take POLS-380 and intern in a variety of government, private, and non-profit organizations engaged in public policy or public service. Students in the course will submit weekly journals and complete several short writing assignments to help them reflect on their experiences.
  • Apply to study in Washington, D.C., the department's off-campus semester and intern in any number of federal agencies, Congress, think tanks, and national organizations.
  • Apply for the Comenius Scholars program in the spring for a paid for-credit internship at an area non-profit organization the following fall.

For more information about these and other opportunities, please contact Professor Mikael Pelz.