This 21-semester-hour minor includes courses in American politics, comparative/international politics and political theory, plus nine semester hours of electives.

(21 semester hours)

  • One course from:
    • POLS-101 Ideas and Institutions in American Politics
    • POLS-202 State Politics and American Federalism
    • POLS-209 Public and Non-Profit Administration
    • POLS-212 American Public Policy
    • POLS-234 The President and Congress
    • POLS-237 Parties and Interest Groups
    • POLS-310 American Constitutional Foundations
    • POLS-318 American Elections and Mass Media
  • One course from:
  • One course from:
    • POLS-207 International Cooperation and Conflict
    • POLS-218 American Foreign Policy
    • POLS-228 Global Politics of Human Rights
    • POLS-304 International Peace and Security
    • POLS-309 International Organizations and Law
    • POLS-319 International Political Economy
  • One course from:
    • POLS-110 Persons in Political Community
    • POLS-240 Freedom, Justice, and Political Authority
    • POLS-306 Political Liberalism and Its Critics
  • Nine additional semester hours from the department, which may include one approved interim course and/or three hours of internship credit.

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