Improper footwear and lack of access to foot care may contribute to pain many homeless experience while walking.  The goal of the Heartside Healthy Feet project is to relieve pain and increase activity in homeless adults.  To accomplish this, proper fitting footwear is provided to homeless adults in the Heartside neighborhood who experience pain while walking.  Before and after wearing the new shoes for six weeks, information about foot and general health, activity, and pain is collected, with a goal of 20 participants completing the study. 

Principle Investigator: Jesse Moes, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Research Team: Elizabeth Byma, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Suzan Couzens, Community Health Nurse and Adjunct Nursing Faculty; Renae Boss Potts, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Mike Pryor, Student Research Assistant.

Funding Sources: Calvin College Alumni Association; Marian Peterson Nursing Research Endowment Fund; Sigma Theta Tau International, Kappa-Epsilon Chapter at Large.