How to apply for scholarships

The application forms for named scholarships are available every year beginning January 1. Incoming students have a deadline date of February 1.  Current students have a deadline date of March 1.  Many of the scholarships for current students are available online through the Portal (Services>Scholarships and Financial Aid>Upperclass Named Scholarship Application).  All current students who will be enrolled next academic year are encouraged to apply.

Kinesiology department scholarships

For all the department scholarships listed below, please return this application to the kinesiology department.

Otto J. and Adeline De Bruyn Family Scholarship $1,850 JR/SR 3.30
Sandra Anne Bos Duyst Memorial Scholarship $3,000 JR/SR 3.00
Dr. Barney Steen Scholarship for Physical Education $1,700 SR 2.00
David B. Tuuk Sport Management Scholarship $3,000 JR/SR 2.50
A. Donald Vroon Scholarship for Physical Education $2,100 JR/SR 2.50
Marvin Zuidema Memorial Scholarship $1,800 JR/SR 2.80