Various locations around Germany

For more than 40 years, hundreds of Calvin students have participated in the German Interim abroad, conducted each January. This affordable 30-day program provides an in-depth experience of many facets of German life and culture, including extensive travel, home stays with German families and an opportunity to explore parts of Germany independently.

  • Location: Various locations around Germany (Map)
  • Dates: December 29, 2014 – January 29, 2015
  • Cost estimate: $2980 and up to $650 for personal and final-week costs

Participants engage with and improve their knowledge of the German language and culture on this study experience, which includes stays in Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, former East Germany, and southern former West Germany. Activities include four home stays, lectures, discussions, interviews, tours, and attendance at cultural and social events. Course participants choose where they will travel independently during the last five days. Course goals include active participation in course activities, growth in intercultural sensitivity, gains in mastery of the language, and increased understanding of various religious, political, and broadly cultural phenomena of Germany. Students will be assessed on their individual vocabulary acquisition, submission of an examination of a current issue in German society based on two interviews, and submission of at least two analytic journal entries.

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German 301 and permission of the instructor


Mary Buteyn

Mary Buteyn

Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature
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Watch our promotional video here. Lots of footage from German Interim Abroad 2014!


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