Alan and Jan Pauw Family Scholarship $2,800 JR/SR 3.00 Yes

Alan and Jan Pauw Family Scholarship

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Jan Pauw established this scholarship in appreciation of the education three generations of family members have received at Calvin. They have a special interest in liberal arts education and believe that education of this type available at Calvin is equal to that at the best colleges and universities. Alan Pauw is a lawyer and CPA and has a doctors degree in history. Jan Pauw is a professor of linguistics and holds a Ph.D. in Indo-European Studies.

apply through the Calvin Portal


Arvin and Corrie Vos Interim Scholarship

Arvin and Corrie Vos wish to help students be able to participate in the 2014 interim program in Haiti.

application available from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in September


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