2014-15 Catalog courses

The courses listed here are those published in Calvin College's current academic catalog. Not all courses are offered in the current year.

FREN-101 Elementary French 4 Fall
FREN-102 Elementary French II 4 Spring
FREN-111 Multisensory Struct French I 4 Fall
FREN-112 Multisensory Struct French II 3 Interim
FREN-113 Multisensory Struct French III 4 Spring
FREN-131 Introductory French 5 Fall
FREN-132 Intermediate French 3 Interim
FREN-201 Intermediate French 4 Fall
FREN-202 Intermediate French II 4 Fall, Spring
FREN-203 Advanced Intermediate French 4 Fall
FREN-301 Advanced Conversation 3 Fall
FREN-302 Advanced Grammar 3 Spring
FREN-351 Survey of French Literature 4 Spring
FREN-361 Francophone Lit & Culture in Quebec 3 Fall
FREN-362 Lit/Cult in Sub-Haran Africa & Diaspora 3 Fall
FREN-372 French Linguistics 3 Fall, Spring
FREN-373 French for International Business 3 Fall, Spring
FREN-374 Women & Gender in Fr Lit & Culture 3 Fall
FREN-375 French Cinema 3 Spring
FREN-381 Special Topics in French 3 Fall, Spring
FREN-390 Independent Study 2 Spring
FREN-394 Medieval & Early Modern French Lit 3 Spring
FREN-395 French Lit Before & After French Rev 3 Spring
FREN-396 Contemporary French Lit & Thought 3 Fall, Spring
FREN-W80 French Interim 3 Interim
STFR-270 Cross-Cultural Engagement 1 Fall
STFR-315 Advanced Language Study in France I 3 Fall
STFR-316 Advanced Lang Study in France II 3 Fall
STFR-330 Contemporary France 3 Fall
STFR-362 Lit/Cult in Sub-Haran Africa & Diaspora 3 Fall
STFR-363 Francophone Lit & Cult in North Africa 3 Fall
STFR-381 Special Topics in French 3 Fall
STFR-390 STFR Ind Study 0 Fall