Effective leaders must first be effective communicators. Strategic communication majors learn how to articulate ideas clearly, argue logically, listen carefully, and unify groups of people under a common goal. Authentic and effective communication skills have universal application, and many graduates find themselves working in exciting and lucrative fields.

The ability to communicate effectively is a marketable skill in today's world. The strategic communication program aims to graduate articulate Christians who can critique and create effective messages for specific audiences and situations. Choose a professional communication track or rhetoric track depending on your vocational goals.

  • get training and experience in the core rhetorical faculties and skills, then choose a track and specialize your courses
  • the professional communication track prepares students for jobs in advertising, public relations, fund raising and event planning
  • the rhetoric track trains to student for jobs in communication consulting, law, politics, ministry and academia

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(33-38 semester hours)

Courses from one track

Professional Track
(34-38 semester hours)

  • One from
    • CAS 180 Communicating with Digital Media
    • CAS 190 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
    • CAS 222 Calvin Media Company
  • CAS 262 Business Communication
  • CAS 285 Advertising and Public Relations
  • Two from:
  • One course from
    • CAS 300-level elective,
    • CAS 346 Internship in Communication
    • approved elective
  • CAS 399 Advanced Topics in Communication

Rhetoric Track
(33-37 semester hours)

  • CAS 205 American Voices
  • Two courses from
  • CAS 399 Advanced Topics in Communication
  • Three from
    • CAS 300-level electives,
    • CAS 346 Internship in Communication
    • approved alternative

To graduate with honors in strategic communication you must:

Earn a grade of B+ or better in six honors courses, to total at least 18 semester hours, including at least two courses in the strategic communication major, one of which must be a 300-level course.  To have a course count as an honors course, you and a professor must create a contract for honors work.  At least two honors courses must be outside of CAS.

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 both in the strategic communication major and overall.

  • Present to the department an honors paper in your senior year, usually during the spring semester.

Strategic Communication majors have entered the following careers:

  • public relations
  • journalism or communication teacher/professor
  • editor
  • event planner,
  • lobbyist
  • ministry director
  • paralegal
  • journalist
  • attorney
  • research director
  • retail sales
  • marketing
  • law
  • non-profit management

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