A biology internship is an incredible opportunity to get supervised practical experience in a career field that you are interested in. Find an internship in the Grand Rapids area during the school year, or go to another exciting location like a national park, government agency or business to do a paid internship during the summer. You can receive course credit for your internship and it may lead to a great job after graduation.

Current internship opportunities

Medical College of Wisconsin Medical College of Wisconsin Biology February 1,2015
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Undergraduate Research Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Biology January 15,2015
Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Biology February 1,2015
NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research National Institutes of Health Biology
Van Andel Research Institute Summer Internship Program Van Andel Education Institute Biology
University of Notre Dame Field Environmental Biology program University of Notre Dame Biology November 1,2014
Amgen Scholars Program Amgen Foundation Biology
Environmental Impacts on Biological Systems: From Molecules to Ecosystems Hope College Biology

Finding an internship

  • Check the internships listed above
  • Your professors and advisor are always a good place to start when searching for an off-campus internship opportunity.
  • Watch the biology department summer research bulletin boards on the first and second floors of DeVries Hall for postings of summer research internship opportunities.
  • As a biology student, you will receive announcements by email about internships, so keep an eye on your inbox.
  • Search for internships online and by networking with acquaintances who have contacts in the research world. You may be able to find an opportunity in your own hometown or a different part of the country or world where you would love to travel.
  • Contact Calvin’s internship coordinator, Professor John Ubels ( jubels@calvin.edu ) or Pat Buist ( pbuist@calvin.edu ).

Where to get started

  • Each summer, the National Science Foundation funds Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) at universities and research institutes all over the country. These programs cover all areas of biology. A stipend, usually $3,000-$4,000 is provided as well as housing, meals and travel expenses.
  • The Van Andel Research Institute has a very close relationship with Calvin College and many students are accepted into the summer research program. Applications for summer are due in February. Lab assistant positions are also available during the academic year and summers.

Application deadlines

The time to begin applying for summer off-campus research opportunities begins in November. Most applications are due between February 1 and March 31. However, a few are due as early as November 2 and January 10.

Earning credit

You can earn credit, either elective or in fulfillment of the research requirements in the BS in biology major, for a summer internship. Professor John Ubels ( jubels@calvin.edu ), Internship Director, will work with you to formalize the requirements for earning credit from Calvin once you have been accepted to a lab or a company.

Frequently asked questions

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