Calvin’s pre-professional programs will prepare you not only for acceptance into some of the best schools in the country, but also to be a compassionate and well-rounded healthcare provider. Regardless of the specialty area in which you are interested, a liberal arts education at Calvin can help you achieve your goals. Each pre-professional program has an advisor and many faculty knowledgeable about professional schools. These faculty members will work with you to plan for your professional future.

Pre-professional health programs

  • Pre-Medical
    As a pre-med student at Calvin, you’ll have the flexibility to pursue any major as you complete the courses required for medical school. These classes include a range of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics courses. You will also meet regularly with the pre-med faculty advisor to plan your path to medical school. Take advantage of a growing number of opportunities in the Grand Rapids’ area to gain clinical experience in medicine before you apply to med school.

  • Pre-Dental
    As a pre-dental student at Calvin, you’ll have the flexibility to pursue any major as you complete the courses required for dental school. These classes include a range of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. You will also meet regularly with the pre-dental faculty advisor to plan your path to dentistry school.

  • Pre-Veterinary
    To prepare for acceptance to veterinary school, you will need to take a series of courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. You can choose any major, but many pre-veterinary students choose the B.S. in biology program. As part of the pre-veterinary program at Calvin, you will also meet with a faculty advisor to help you stay on track with your career plans.

  • Pre-Optometry
    Calvin’s pre-optometry program includes prerequisite courses for acceptance to optometry school. Classes you will take include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry (general and organic), biochemistry, physics, calculus and statistics. You’ll also have opportunities to travel to India, China or Belize to learn about healthcare in other cultures.

  • Pre-Physician Assistant
    As a physician assistant, you will be trained and licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician. Because each graduate program is unique, Calvin does not offer a standardized pre-PA track. Instead, you'll work alongside your academic advisor, a Calvin professor, to tailor a program for the graduate school you're interested in.

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
    The pre-occupational therapy program at Calvin is designed to prepare you for entry into a master’s level occupational therapy program. As a professional in this applied science, you’ll enable your patients by teaching them the skills they need to function and contribute to society. The five-year program is comprised of three years at Calvin and two years at Washington University where you’ll receive your clinical training. Upon completion of your second year at Washington, you’ll receive your MSOT—master of science in occupational therapy—degree

Related pre-professional health programs in other departments

  • Pre-Physical Therapy
    Calvin’s four-year pre-physical therapy program will prepare you for entrance into a graduate-level program at a variety of schools. Because admission to physical therapy schools is so competitive, it is is important that you meet with a program advisor as soon as possible before registering for courses. This will ensure that you choose the right courses to prepare for entrance to your preferred program. You will also be advised to gain clinical experience by working with a licensed physical therapist. Each year, two spots at Central Michigan University’s Dow College of Health Professions Physical Therapy Program are held for Calvin College students who meet their admissions requirements.

  • Pre-Pharmacy
    A pharmacist plays a vital role in the health care deployment team. Their responsibilities range from dispensing medications to monitoring a patient’s health and progress. Calvin’s pre-pharmacy program will prepare you for graduate school by giving you a background in science and mathematics within the context of a strong liberal arts core. As a pre-pharmacy student, you will typically complete two or three years at Calvin before transferring to a college of pharmacy. Some pharmacy schools prefer that students complete a four-year bachelor’s degree before enrolling in a PharmD program. If that is the case, you are strongly encouraged to consider a major in biology or biochemistry. Your pre-pharmacy advisor, Michael Barbachyn, will assist you in planning a pre-pharmacy curriculum and preparing for the Pharmacy College Admission Test.


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