Calvin’s bachelor of arts in biology major places less emphasis on research, allowing you to combine the program with other majors like psychology, business, international development studies or education. As a biology student at Calvin, you will explore what it means to be a Christian scientist, take a wide variety of courses, ranging from immunology to anatomy to cellular biology, and learn about how to think about the world from a biological perspective.

Course Requirements 2014-2015

  • Take four introductory courses to vie you a broad base in biology.

  • Choose four upper level courses to fit your specific interests in the field of biology.

  • Have the opportunity to complete a second major.

  • Take a capstone course to explore what it means to be both a Christian and a scientist.

Course requirements (2014-15)

(35 semester hours)

  • BIOL-123 The Living World: Concepts & Connections
  • BIOL-224 Cellular & Genetic Systems
  • BIOL-225 Ecological & Evolutionary Systems
  • BIOL-250 Research Design & Methodology
  • BIOL-295 Biology Seminar (taken twice, one concurrently with BIOL-250)
  • Four from:
  • One from:
  • Completion of an externally-normed test ( for example the biology major field test)


(15-17 semester hours)

Honors: You must complete three courses in biology with honors, submit an honors thesis, and earn a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major to satisfy the college’s honors program.

  1. The honors section of 123 The Living World: Concepts and Connections.

  2. Two honors courses must be taken from courses numbered 313-364 (excluding 354), the details of which will be worked out by the student and instructor at registration for the courses.


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