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Faculty: Anita Zandstra

Dianne Zandstra

Anita Zandstra, Adjunct Professor

(616) 526-7803
Office: Hiemenga 422

Educational background

BA (English and Spanish) Calvin College 1999
Coursework in Costa Rican Literature and culture (Universidad de Costa Rica, 1999)

Academic interests

Sociolinguistics, Language aquisition, Bilingualism and intercultural encounters, The role of learning in personal and spritual growth

Recent activities

Teaching high school English Literature in an English-speaking school in Bolivia; Sporadic freelance translating and interpreting; Raising a bilingual son (now 2 years old) with her husband


Reading (fiction and nonfiction)

Spanish-speaking countries visited

Argentina: lived there for 6 years during childhood;
Mexico: visited the Yucatán and Chiapas;
Costa Rica: lived there for 2 and a half years; also visited Guatemala and Panama
Bolivia: lived there for 5 and a half years;
Spain: spent 2 semesters there