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Careers: Leslie Harkema

"...My experience studying abroad in Denia had inspired a love for Spain and its culture..."

Alumna: Leslie Harkema, '05
Spanish and English
Current position:
Professor at Yale University

After graduating from Calvin with a double major in Spanish and English, I continued on the academic path. My experience studying abroad in Denia in 2004 had inspired a love for Spain and its culture, and an interest in Spanish literature that I wanted to explore further. I did so during my MA at the University of Georgia, Athens, and then went on to a PhD at Boston University. In 2011 I received the incredible blessing of being awarded a Fulbright Grant to Spain, which allowed me to live in Madrid for a year, researching my dissertation and whenever possible trying to "aprovechar": take advantage of the firsthand experience of Spain I had enjoyed so much as an undergrad. Now back from Spain, in the fall of 2012 I am starting in a faculty position in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Yale University, where I look forward to furthering my research and sharing my love of Spanish culture with the students in my classes.