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Alumnus Joel Kleinsasser

Careers: Joel & Lora Kleinsasser

"...Looking back over the whole process, we can now definitely see God acting, whispering, and nudging us to make the move..."

Alumni: Joel & Lora Kleinsasser, '04
Major(s): Joel - Mathematics and Spanish; Lora - Spanish
Current Positions: Joel - teacher and coach at Nicaragua Christian Academy; Lora - Latin American facilitator for Partners Worldwide

Lora Kleinsasser works with a woman in Latin AmericaCheck out a December '09 update from the Kleinsassers!

What brought us to Nicaragua? 
Each year at Partners Worldwide, Lora makes a trip to each of the countries that she works with throughout Latin America.  In 2006, she combined two of those trips into one as she traveled to Honduras and Nicaragua in November.  On one of her off days in Managua, she visited a friend (a Calvin alumni) teaching at Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) and realized that it would be a very intriguing place to teach.  When she returned to Michigan after that trip, we did some research and found that the high school science job was open.  Although Joel had no experience in teaching science (he was currently teaching math and Spanish at Grandville High School), it was an opportunity that we decided to look into.  We reasoned that if I applied and got the job, Lora might be able to transfer to Managua and continue to work for Partners Worldwide, but be in a better location for traveling to the partnering countries.  By March of 2007, we had made the decision to move to Nicaragua for the following school year.  Looking back over the whole process, we can now definitely see God acting, whispering, and nudging us to make the move. The move to a Spanish speaking country had been something that was on our hearts from the time we returned from Spain in 2003.  Four years later, God opened the doors and softened our hearts enough to finally say yes. Teaching and working in Nicaragua for two years has been such a huge blessing for us in “relearning” Spanish, meeting new friends, and seeing how God has changed us in many ways.

What we’re involved in now
Lora continues to work for Partners Worldwide serving as the Latin American Facilitator.  Joel will begin his third year of teaching and coaching at NCA in August.  We look forward to another year of serving, learning, and attending our church.  We also look forward to recruiting more students from NCA to attend Calvin in the future.  This year, there will be three NCA students attending in the fall.