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Activities: Communication Group Leader Application

Apply to be a communication group leader for the Spanish department!

*Note: Be sure to read your weekly Spanish newsletter, Enlace, to find out when applications are due.

Today's Date:

First Name: Last Name:

Student ID#:

Present Class Level: SO   JR   SR

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: Home Cell

Are you a Spanish native speaker? Yes No

Are you a First time leader? Returning leader?

List all Spanish classes completed:
(List Prof, Class # and Final Grade)

List Spanish classes in progress:
(List Prof, Class #)

Have you been abroad? Yes    No
If so, where and how long?

For which classes do you feel qualified to lead communication groups?
Spanish 101-102
Spanish 201-202
Spanish 121
Spanish 301-302

Are you in the education program? Yes No

What is your GPA? Spanish Overall

What is your major?

What is your minor?

Why do you want to be a communication group leader?

If you are a first time leader, name two professors that could recommend you:

How many hours per week do you want to work?