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Academics: Honors

Earn honors in your Spanish major

Interested in earning honors? Discover what some of our alumni have done in the past for their honors thesis, and click on the names of each student to learn more!

    Leslie Harkema graduates with honors
  • Julie Busscher presented a paper called “It’s Not Nada: Carmen Laforet and Feminism Under Franco.”
  • Greg Bylsma studied the relationship between the Catholic Church in the Latin American context and Liberation Theology.
  • Sarah Hubbel examined the issue of poverty in the Honduran education system.
  • Marlena May learned more about identity and Hispanic youth.

Check out the requirements below to find out how to graduate with honors in Spanish. Or, check out the Calvin honors website to find out more about honors in general.

Note: Students who are interested in graduating with honors should notify their academic advisor as soon as possible so that they can organize their schedules appropriately.

Class requirements

In order to fulfill the requirements to earn honors, you must:

  • take at least six honors courses overall (18 hours minimum) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.
  • take at least three honors courses outside the major and at least three within it (normally including Spanish 395).
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all Spanish courses.
  • complete an honors component in at least three Spanish courses above the 302 level with a final grade of at least a B+.

*Note: an honors component in a Spanish 202/203 course may fulfill the general college honors requirement but not the departmental honors requirement.

Honors application

  • You must submit an honors application form by the end of reading recess in the spring semester of your junior year. Download the Departmental honors application form here. This form requires you to provide:
    • a list of honors courses you've completed and your grade.
    • your cumulative GPA and your GPA in Spanish classes.
    • a title or short description of your honors thesis.
    • the name of the primary and secondary supervisor of your thesis.
    • your advisor's signature, as well as your primary supervisor's signature.

Honors thesis & presentation

  • You must write a senior thesis (in Spanish).  Usually this will be the term paper written for the Spanish 395 (capstone) class.
    • We recommend that you work during the previous semester or summer to complete a large portion of the research. 
  • The timeline for your work on your thesis during the semester of its completion is as follows:
    • Week 4 of the semester: statement of thesis and bibliography.
    • Week 8: first draft.
    • Week 12: second draft.
    • Last day of classes for the semester: if needed, third and final draft.
  • You also must present your thesis at an approved forum.

Forms to download:

Departmental honors application form

Honors contract
(for a regular course)