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Wiseby, Randal R.  Collegiate Misisons in the Context of Short-Term Mission Experiences.  Washington, D.C.: Wesley Theological Seminary, 1990.  (Dissertation).


Questionnaires administered to students who participated in a 1989 mission trip sponsored by Columbia Union College and from questionnaires administered to students who participated in STMs over a four-year period indicates that STMs cause growth in their awareness of world need, in their desire to serve as long-term missionaries, and in their understanding of what it means to belong to a supportive community.

a)      Methodology:

3 Surveys were conducted: The first two in conjunction with a 10-day trip to Honduras (Roatan and Santa Barbara), and the second sent out to all the students who had gone on short-term mission trips sponsored by Columbia Union College in the last four years.  One set of interviews of adults who had experience with STMs was also conducted.

1)      Honduras Trip:

·        A pre-trip survey was given on the flight to Honduras, and another survey was administered on the return flight.

·        All 23 of the participants filled out both surveys.

·        Demographics:

o       20 Caucasian, 2 African American, 1 Hispanic.

o       Ages ranged form 18-31 (61% between 19 and 21).

2)      Third Survey:

·        Mailed to all 88 participants in 1986, 87, 88, and 89 trips.  (Sent 8 months after the '89 Honduras trip).  82 people responded.

·        Demographics:

1.      28 males, 54 females.

2.      11 faculty/staff, 71 were students at the time of their trip.

3.      1 Arab, 2 Hispanic, 5 Indian, 6 Oriental, 10 African American, 64 Caucasian.

4.      About the same number responded from each trip (1 in Bermuda and 3 in Honduras).

3)      Interviews:

·        Mostly conducted over the phone.

·        13 people interviewed: 8 had participated in STMs, the rest were people who regularly came into contact with college students who went on STMs.

·        The 8 who had participated had a total of 145 STMs-worth of experience between them.

b)      Results:

1)      Honduras Trip:

·        Overall, not many significant differences between pre- and post-trip. 

·        15 rated the orientation process a 4 or 5 (high end) before the trip, but only 12 did afterwards.

·        Pre-trip only 8 marked a 4-5 for "How aware do you consider yourself of the world's needs", while post-trip 15 responded this way.

2)      Third Survey:

·              Responses were very positive towards STMs in general: a majority of respondents marked 4-5 (the two highest/most positive options) for the following:

1.      Would you recommend STMs to other college students?

2.      How did the STM affect relationship to SDA Church?

3.      Did STM help develop your spiritual life?

4.      How helpful was STM in helping your education about world needs? 

·        1-not helpful           0

·        2-                           2

·        3-somewhat           19

·        4-                           32

·        5-very                    29

5.      How aware do you consider yourself to be of world needs?

6.      How effective was STM in increasing your awareness of of overseas missions?

3)      Adult Interviews:

·              In response to the question, "Have you found young people to be active in working for justice.I their local community following their experience on a STMP?"  0 chose 1 (not active), 1 chose 2, 5 chose 3 (some active) 2 chose 4, 4 chose 5 (very active), and one said don't know.