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Swearingin, Mary. A Look at Short-Term Missions. (thesis) Johnson City, Tenn.:

Emmanuel School of Religion, 1996.

Summary: Author uses her own journal from an STM in Mexico and surveys sent to other STM participants to find a response to commonly voiced praises of and concerns about STMs. Concludes that STMs are here to stay, that they can help long-term missionaries, that the primary role of STM participants is to be learners, that planning should start at least 6 months before trip, that realistic goals should be developed for trip, that participants should not go with the attitude that they are on vacation, and that cost of trip should be kept down (recommends bringing own food as one way to do this).

Methodology: Sent 60 surveys to people who had participated in STMs through Christian Missionary Fellowship, InterVarsity, or East Tennessee State University Christian Student Fellowship (26 were returned). Also sent surveys to 18 missionaries who had hosted interns, youth groups, mission teams, etc.

Survey Responses: