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Shores, CoreyThe Integration of Youth With A Mission Short-Term Teams in Long-Term Settings Within the Country of Albania.  (BA Project)  Salem, Oreg.: Western Baptist College, 1996.

Summary: Author's purpose is to "design, evaluate, and propose steps toward improved integration among short-term and long-term teams" working with YWAM-Albania.  Author sent survey to 20 randomly selected YWAM staff who had worked in Albania on a short-term or long-term basis. 

In response to "Are short-term teams adequately prepared to the work and setting they will encounter at long-term ministry sites?" 8 said Yes, 11 No.

In response to "Is the level and quality of communication between the visiting short-term team and the long term workers, prior to integration, sufficient?" 7 said Yes, 12 No.

In response to "Are you satisfied with the level of cooperation between short and long term teams?" 9 said Yes, 10 No.

Author concludes that in order for STMers and long-term missionaries to work together well, proper training and a plan are very important.