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Purvis, Tommy G.  Partnership in crosscultural mission: The impact of Kentucky Baptist short-term, volunteer missions(Dissertation).  Wilmore, Kentucky: Asbury Theological Seminary, 1993.


Between 1985 and time of study 79 short-term volunteers from the 38 churches of the Caldwell/Lyon Baptist Association (sub-group of the Kentucky Baptist Convention) went on short-term mission trips to Brazil and Kenya. 

A survey and interviews of these volunteers indicate a positive correlation between participating in a short-term mission and increased mission giving, mission knowledge, attitude towards career missionary service, and view of future short-term service.

a)   Methodology (p.66)

b)   Demographics of the sample (pp.71-72)

c)   Findings

1)      Increased greatly: 13 people (19%)

2)      Increased some: 38 people (57%)

3)      Giving at the same level: 16 people (24%)

* Apparently no one responded that they were giving less than before.

* In interviews of 24 of the 68 respondents, 10 reported giving strongly to

   missions already before their trips.

*Purvis also shows that churches that sent more volunteers received higher

  missions receipts. (pp.108-111)

1)      Increased greatly: 51 people (75%)

2)      Increased some: 14 people (21%)

3)      Same level of knowledge: 3 people (4%)

*The interviews gave more detailed data on how their knowledge increased.

1)      Available for future short-term ministry and will encourage others [to do

      short-term missions]:  51 people (77%).

2)      Available for future short-term ministry: 10 people (15%).

3)      Good one time experience and will encourage others: 4 people (6%).

4)      Not a good experience, but would not discourage others: 1 person (2%).

*the last category, which no one picked, was "It was a bad experience, and I

  would not participate again nor encourage others to participate."