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McDonough, Daniel P., and Roger P. Peterson.  Can Short-Term Mission Really Create Long-Term Missionaries?  Minneapolis: STEM Ministries, 1999.


McDonough's '96 data presented in an easier-to-follow format and with added graphs and analysis

An important quote that I believe is not found in the original masters thesis:

"Our study demonstrates that in order to create an increased likelihood of potential career missionaries, two related short-term mission strategies must be employed: 1) Multiple Outreaches / a short-termer must perform more than one short-term mission outreach statistically speaking, he/she must have 1.45 short-term mission experiences); and 2) Increases On-Field Time / the second outreach needs to mandate longer on-field time than the first outreach (specifically, our study observed the first two-week short-term outreach needed to be followed up by a second short-term outreach of at least four weeks-or at least twice the on-field time commitment.)"     ---p. 31