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Northcutt, Woody.  (dissertationThe Influence of Short Term Mission Trips to Third

World Countries on Anglo, Middle-Class-American Evangelical Christian Students;

Attitude and Behavior toward Poverty.  Denver: Denver Seminary, 2000.


Before and after a one-week mission trip fifteen students from Denver Christian College who had never been on a mission trip to the third world previously were given 35-question surveys about attitude, knowledge, and behavior towards poverty.  (10 went to Mexico; 5 went to Ecuador.)

Based on the results of the surveys, and of debriefing interviews, the author concludes that both the attitude and behavior of the students towards third-world poverty changed significantly.  (Note however that the nine questions concerning behavior are mostly about "soft" changes like giving money; students are not questioned about more "radical" changes such as voting, getting involved in advocacy, etc.)