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Motz, Arnell.  "What Gen-Xers think about mission teams.Evangelical Missions Quarterly.  v. 32 no. 4 (Oct. '96) pp. 409-412.


Survey of 522 Bible college students in U.S. and Canada about short-term missions. 

80% preferred working with a team to serving individually. 

35% most wanted to be on an evangelism team, 25% on a work team, and 20% on a team that "visits ministries/gains exposure to cultures."  (The remaining options given were "prayer team" and "none"). 

Most cited motivations for participating in missions "desire to do something for God" and "wanting opportunities to lead people to Christ."  (About 45% of respondents chose each of these.  Respondents could cite more than one reason).  Other options were: "help people" (about 28%); "Change the world" (about 26%); "Experience culture" (about 19%); and "see the world" (about 4%).

Note: Methodology is not explained.  There were 522 "valid" responses, but the number of surveys sent out was not stated.  It seemed to be implied that the surveys were mailed, but this is not stated explicitly.