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Millham, Douglas Erwin.  (dissertationShort-Term Mission: A Model for Mobilizing the

Church.  Pasadena, Calif: Fuller Theological Seminary, 1988. 


The author describes the rise of STMs and their importance to local congregations/place in the vision of mission orgs (based partly on responses to hundreds of surveys sent to church leaders), describes an STM/Cross-Cultural Ministry training/mobilization program, "Discover the World," that he helps create in partnership with World Vision. 

The program is designed to get people in the congregation to think about and be excited about STMs (both US and overseas) and other cross-cultural mission generally-its aim is not limited to training people who are already planning on going on a specific STM.

Program Details:

"Discover the World" is one part of World Vision's Cross-cultural Exchange Program.  It consists of 5 sessions, held once a week, on the following topics:

The sessions are led by two members of the congregation who have been trained by World Vision.