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Lingle, Robert E.  How returning short term missions volunteers impact the local church.  (dissertationSt. Louis: Covenant Theological Seminary, 2003.

Summary:  From interviews with STM participants from Georgia Baptist Convention, author concludes that.STMs benefit local church in a variety of ways, churches respond positively to STM volunteers, STM volunteers recruit new volunteers, the role of the pastor is very important in Church-sponsored STM groups, STMs help the local church to be closer to missionary activities, volunteers who decided to go on an STM said they felt a "personal call" to do so, volunteers experienced personal change on their trips.

Methodology: Author chose the 26-church Washington Baptist Association (in central Georgia) as the study group, and out of this chose 8 churches from which to select interviewees.  Between 3 and 11 (avg. 7) people were interviewed at each church, and interviews were recorded on tape.

Other Findings/Comments: