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Kirby, Scott Harrison.  (dissertationShort-Term Volunteer Foreign Mission

Experiences: What Difference Do They Make in the Lives of the Participants?  Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1995. 


Author led two back-to-back evangelism-oriented STMs in Romania in May 1994 (arranged through PRO Missions).  All participants (62 Americans in first group, 44 in second; there were also nationals participating, but they were not surveyed) given pre-trip survey testing knowledge of and attitude towards missions.  Post-trip survey administered three months after return through mail or telephone. 

Surveys returned by 54 of total 101 participants. 

Distributed Bibles and tracts, also prescription drugs

First international experience for 15; 18 had traveled for vacation/business only; 18 prior STM.

51 filled out post-trip survey.  (14 if these over the phone by author)

Author's Conclusions:

STMs do increase participants' understanding of foreign missions, prayer, giving, openness to vocational missions