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Hopkins, Sarah Mott.  (dissertationEffects of Short-Term service Ministry Trips on the

Development of Social Responsibility in College Students.  Newberg, Oreg.: George

Fox University, 2000.


64 George Fox students who participated in one of 5 week-long mission trips in the Northwest UNITES STATES and control group of students in a general psychology class took Starrett's Global Social Responsibility Inventory.  Students who participated in the mission trips demonstrated stronger sense of social responsibility than did a control group immediately after trip, and this effect persisted four weeks later.

There was also some indication that trips in which volunteers interacted with marginalized populations (i.e. homeless people, battered women) increased a sense of social responsibility more than trips devoted to service/work projects and devotion alone (i.e. a trip to make repairs at a Christian camp and do devotions).  Differences in scores remained constant across all 3 administrations of test, however, so self-selection/interest of students may really be more at cause than location in itself.



Mission Trips: