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Clark, L. Blair.  "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Evaluating Short-Term Mission Opportunities."  Didaskalia: the journal of the Winnipeg Theological Seminary.  v. 5, no. 1.  (October '93).  pp.63-68.


This article says that churches need to think a little before jumping on the bandwagon of short-term overseas missions. 

"The following attitude towards missions, articulated by a mission leader, is far too prevalent in the world of short-term missions.  'Enthusiastic involvement on the part of as many as possible is the best way to go, even at the price of some inefficiency and duplication (Hesselgrave 1988:45).'" -p.63

5 Questions to ask before going:

1)      Whose Needs Drive This Program?

2)      Are the Goals Realistic?

3)      How Will you Communicate?

4)      What Will it Really Cost?

5)      Who Will Benefit?