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Chandler, Thomas W. (MA Thesis) A Statistical Study of Short-Term Missions. Pasadena,

Calif.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 1972.


Outdated-30 years old-but breadth of study significant.

Surveys of STM program administrators, short term workers (here defined as 2 months-5 years), and missionaries and nationals affiliated with a wide variety of STM-sending organizations, and case study survey of short-termers in Java.

Most interesting findings are that both missionaries and nationals said the primary value of STMs was its impact on STM participants, and that hardly anyone in either of these groups thought STM participants provided valuable assistance to nationals. Interesting that these opinions were registered even for "STMs" much longer in duration than today's 2-week trips.

Interesting observation: 80% of applicants came from urban areas, but served majority in rural areas. "Even in this country, it is difficult for city dwellers to adjust to rural life." (p.3)


         Seeking guidance for future service (36.2%)

         See if God could use them in another culture (27.6%)

         Not ready for lifetime service (22.6%)

         Fulfill missionary obligation (11.2%)

         Skeptical of professional missions (2.4%)

o       Influenced to do short-term service by (p.12).

         Former short termers (40%)

         Program representatives (31.2%)

         Variety of other influences (remainder)

o       Overall short-termers cited the personal impact on themselves as the primary value of their service, with assistance to full-time missionaries as a secondary value. (p.12)